malta Greek Style Temple Portico surrounded by Palm Trees & Decorative Fountain

Top 10 Instagram Spots In Malta



Valetta doors

Coral lagoon

Ta' Ċenċ Cliffs

Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary

Dingli Cliffs

Red Phone Booth

Għajn Tuffieħa

Upper Barrakka Gardens

The Gozo Citadel - Grain Silos

Dwejra Bay

Where in Malta and Gozo Islands?

Coral lagoon :

There are at least two ways to get to the Coral Lagoon. You can drive towards the Chapel of Immaculate Conception and turn left when you see the campsite sign. The last bit is quite bumpy and off-road. You might prefer to drive towards Armier Bay Beach instead and from there towards the Ahrax Tower/campsite.

We do use PhotoPills to plan where the sun will be and when. That is a good way to avoid bad shadows or a not fully lighten location.

Blond women in a dress with a hat on the edge facing the sea

The Gozo Citadel – Grain Silos :

The Gozo Citadel was constructed to withstand any siege and attack. The people stuck inside the fortresses needed to have extra food supplies. One of the most used products in that period was grain for various dishes. Three huge grain storehouses were raised within the citadel in Gozo. If you are lucky, there won’t be too many people visiting the spot and you can set your camera for a longer exposure.

Blond women in a dress with a hat on the edge facing the sea

Upper / Lower Barrakka Gardens :

One of the best ways to have a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour. The Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens overlook the Mediterranean Sea and are a great place to have a break under the shade of the nearby trees. The guns from the Saluting Battery are still fired daily at noon. A lot of people view the saluting battery from the Upper Barrakka gardens without coming down to the terrace. Around that time it can be really busy and therefore not the best time to take photos.

Girl sitting in the garden overlooking the sea in Malta
Girl standing on a balcony overlooking the harbor in Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha :

Beautifully bathed in light whether at sunset or sunrise. The bay has 2 fine sand beaches (white and red) separated by clay slopes. You can walk around the soon-to-be island, but remember it is subject to a mini landslide from time to time.

You can see more pristine photos from this place: HERE

The Rotunda, Xewkija, Maltese churches

Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary :

Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary / The Church of Miracles / The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin is is a Roman Catholic Basilica built over a small chapel constructed way before. The church is literally in the middle of terrace fields and offers great possibilities in each direction. 

Maltese cliff at sunsert overlooking Mditerranean sea
A couple sit on edge of cliff at sunset, aerial
The Rotunda, Xewkija, Maltese churches

Dingli Cliffs :

A place in Malta where the five major geological strata of the island can be seen on the limestone cliffs. The chapel and surrounding area offer a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The Rotunda, Xewkija, Maltese churches

Dwejra Bay :

“Game of Thrones” made it famous and the Azure Window might have collapsed but there is still much to see.

  • The Inland Sea. The same process as to naturally create an arch has made a tunnel for the small boat to connect the open sea to the deep sinkhole depression.
  • The Blue Hole is one of the archipelago diving hotspots. Smaller than the one in Belize but easy to access if you want to have a swim only or snorkel.
  • The cliffs and fortification watchtower (part of the Lascaris towers) offer a real scenic background to any Maltese fire sunset.
Woman standing near a cliff in front of the mediterranean sea
Woman standing near a cliff in front of the mediterranean sea

Red Phone Booth :

A memory of a former era. When Malta voluntarily became part of the British Empire the red phone booth start to appear a little everywhere throughout the island. Look for them and can grab a snapshot in one!

Blond girl smiling in a red telephone booth

Maltese architecture :

Any doors aficionados around here? So many options and so little time, balconies, doors, facade, you name it. Every single construction made from a mix of culture and heritage becomes a photogenic prop.

Where is your favorite Maltese door? You can find some of ours HERE.

Blond girl smiling in a red telephone booth
Blond girl smiling in a red telephone booth

Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs :

Once parked and after a short walk, you will reach one of the most famous spots on the island to watch the sunset. A limestone cliff diving into the sea 120m meters below. There are no fences on the edges and the place can be really windy, take your precaution accordingly.

Man on the edge of a cliff above the sea (1)
Man on the edge of a cliff above the sea (1)